About Me

Continually a student and a traveler, I love to learn and explore. What better way to keep a fresh perspective. I've lived and worked literally all over the United States from Honolulu to Boston with a few stops in between. Currently residing in Boston, and looking for full time opportunities both local and remote.

some companies i've designed for

My Story

Ever since I was in grade school, I knew I wanted to create. I loved to sketch and doodle. In high school I maintained that I would go to university for graphic design, and I ended up following through on that initiative. I carved out a career working in agency and in-house settings refining my process, style and skills along the way.

then the pandemic hit

At the time in my career I was working for a global event production and management agency that contained its own creative agency. As a company, a large portion of our work was dependent on the travel sector; one of the first sectors impacted by COVID-19. Consequently, I was laid off. I suddenly found myself with a golden opportunity. More on that in a minute.

One of the benefits of working in an agency setting is the privilege of working with creatives from different disciplines. Those interactions would intermittently spark my thirst for knowledge and growth. For me, user interface design, user experience and motion design were the disciplines that piqued my interest. However, with my first child on the way, and my responsibilities within the agency, it was hard to fathom really taking on and learning some of the adjacent skills of my fellow creatives.

Once I was laid off, because of the hit we took in the travel sector, I found myself with the resource of time on my hands. So, I rolled up my sleeves, built a crib for my coming daughter, and proceeded to start the UI design Program with CareerFoundry. Here we are approximately a year later and I've never been more excited about what I'm doing and my potential opportunities moving forward as a visual designer!

My professional skills

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Lead & Strategy

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Team Work

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Goal Oriented

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My Expertise

User interface designs with the end user as the focal point throughout the iteration process, is where my passion lies. Paired with the visual communication sensibilities of a long tenured graphic designer.

UI/UX Design

Completing the UI Design Program with CareerFoundry in 2021, my passion has fully transitioned to all things pertaining to user experience and interface design.


With experience as a graphic designer in an agency setting, I have developed a strong sense of branding and communicating that brand through all available touch points.

Web Design

While I don't claim to be a developer, I am experienced in creating maintaining and supporting a host of websites over the years, creating intuitive user flows on aesthetically pleasing sites.

My past experience

Here is a timeline of some of the education and professional positions I've held as of late.

2020 - Ongoing

UI Design Program @ CareerFoundry

2019 - 2020

Graphic Designer @ Unbridled Solutions

2019 - 2019

Social Media Designer @ Boston College

2012 - 2013 & 2014-2019

Graphic Designer @ Nexgen Pharma

What my past colleague's say

I've been fortunate to work alongside some amazing teammates over my professional career. Working with people of this caliber always makes the hard work more enjoyable. Here are some of my colleague's experiences, take a look at what they had to say.

"Joe Perry is the type of visual designer where you can give minimal direction and he knocks it out of the park, or, more to his preference, to learn deeply about the subject which he's designing. One particular collaboration that comes to mind is when Joe was assigned to the biggest event for our most prolific client and he had to come up with a look and feel to brand the entire experience. Though this client is known to go through rounds of edits, Joe's vision knocked it out of the park on the first presentation. What's more is that he offered completely different design options to choose from. Also, Joe's approach is holistic, positive, patient, and team-oriented. He volunteers to assist even when it's not part of his scope of work and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Joe Perry is a top caliber designer and team player, and I highly recommend working with him."

Alison smith
Project Manager @ Unbridled

"Joe Perry was helpful to our company in many ways. He was organized, efficient, and reliable. We have over 400 clients with individual art requirements and he became familiar with each of them. We also had over 400 individual product SKUs, and Joe learned them as well. That’s a lot for a person to hold in his head.

Joe not only created client artwork, he helped devise ways to maintain, update, and remove files when necessary. As the company grew, Joe not only embraced new process changes, he was creative and helpful in suggesting means to achieve greater efficiencies. Two examples: He suggested that we reorganize the file hierarchy on our servers, migrating the client data away from collateral art or supporting materials to eliminate confusion and the accidental printing of unapproved items. He also worked with me on file naming procedures that helped ensure that the artists more easily understood each client’s requirements. Now our art files are searchable by keywords and the client templates include references to legal or art changes that need to be made. Makeovers are greatly reduced.

In addition to our daily production work, Joe also designed collateral flyers, catalogs, and marketing pieces using Adobe Creative Suite and Excel daily. He was energetic in our department, creating artwork and able to print it on dual Konica Minolta presses through a Fiery interface, then trimming the results on a Baumcut cutter. He could run the whole place on a snow day.

He’s a positive, hard working person. He got along with everyone, and had good working relationships with other departments.  He was truly productive, and we miss having him. He can be a great asset to any company."

jim stone
senior visual designer @ nexgen pharma

“Joe was such a wonderful colleague to work with. He was the lead graphic designer on multiple events and projects that I was spearheading.  He is clever and imaginative, always bringing the clients ideas to life.  He provided creative alternatives when the client wasn't exactly sure what they wanted.  Whenever the client pivoted in direction he responded quickly to new instructions, situations and methods.  He consistently brought a sense of calm to the client while always delivering his responsibilities and adapting to consistently changing situations.

As a colleague he was thoughtful, supportive, always asking if he can add more to his plate, friendly and hardworking. I would welcome any opportunity I had to work with Joe again.  He is such a valuable team member.”

rachel stocker
manager, small meetings @ unbridled

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